The Business Bio: Introduce Yourself So People Notice

Making a good first impression in a relationship-based business can mean the difference between getting a new account or not. Your bio serves as an online interview, so it’s worth spending a little time to get it right.

Tips for Writing a Good Bio

It’s pretty easy to write a boring bio that turns people off because it sounds self-aggrandizing. Here are some tips to help you share your best qualities without sounding like a braggart.

  • Focus on the clients’ needs – who is your audience, what do they want?
  • Choose the top three traits that differentiate you from your peers
    (ask friends to chime in if you can’t come up with any)
  • Choose your tone (e.g. professional, friendly, folksy, humorous, no-nonsense)
  • Highlight your specialty – within your industry, what sets you apart?
  • Write in the third person (“He” or “she” instead of “I”)
  • Explain why you do what you do
  • Share some personal details about who you are
  • Let others brag for you (brief testimonials can work here)
  • Keep it short (about 300 words)
  • Use a professional head shot/portrait, not an iPhone selfie

How to Avoid Common Mistakes

  • Do not share a laundry list of accomplishments
  • Do not try to be something you’re not—celebrate your genuine and authentic self
  • Do not be boring (unless that’s your personal brand – see below)

“I’m a ‘no-surprises’ Realtor. You might want sexy and exciting, but nope—that’s not me. I will get every disclosure signed, every inspection scheduled, and every detail attended to with plenty of time to spare. If you’re looking for that thrill of the unknown, that last-minute rush, that fingernail-biting, edge-of-your-seat experience, I’m not the Realtor for you.”

Although this breaks the “third-person rule,” I think it’s an approach that could work for some.

If you’d like help writing your bio, feel free to get in touch.