Jendi Coursey

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CEO/Public Relations Lead

Growing up as an Air Force brat, I moved every few years and each time I did, I had to figure out how to get along in a new environment with new people and new social rules. As a means of survival, I got very good at reading people–paying attention to non-verbal cues and learning how to get along with many different types of people. I lived everywhere from small villages in England to small towns in Kansas to the hustle and bustle of the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve been fascinated with the art and science of communication for as long as I can remember.

After graduating from UC Davis in 1993, I got married to my college sweetheart, worked in tech and healthcare, gave birth to two wonderful sons, and eventually, in 2011, I began Indigo Studios, where I blended my two favorite professional endeavors: public relations and photography.

In 2017, I hired Kendyl Saxby and rebranded as Jendi Coursey Communications and in 2018, we incorporated. After being introduced to the B Corp movement, we amended our articles of incorporation to become a California Benefit Corporation, which allows us to build stakeholder considerations into our governance structure, and in 2020 we became a Certified B Corp. Since then, we’ve added a few more great team members and we just keep growing.

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Communication Jedi

It’s not a coincidence that “Jendi” and “Jedi” are so close. Jendi has an innate understanding of how to connect with people, what messages will land and how to convey them. She transforms ideas into the kind of writing that feels effortless to read. It flows. It’s compelling. And it makes people want to respond.

Grammar Nerd

Not everyone wears this particular title with pride, but Jendi does. She loves grammar. Her favorite book of all time is Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation by Lynne Truss. If you want to chat about the Oxford comma or the proper use of semi-colons and apostrophes, Jendi’s your girl.

Speaker Par Excellence

For many people, the idea of public speaking is about as appealing as a soaking contact lenses in tabasco before putting them in. But Jendi loves public speaking. She gets a huge kick out of engaging a crowd, getting people laughing, and challenging them to think.

Thinking Partner

Sometimes having a sounding board outside your organization can be invaluable. Jendi serves as a coach and confidant to leaders who trust her wisdom, experience, and objectivity when it comes to communication.


Jendi helps leaders, especially new executives, build confidence and leadership skills. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her unwillingness to accept no for an answer helps her clients get where they want to go.

Crisis Averter

Although Jendi loves crisis communication, she understands that it’s always better to avoid crises when possible. When a potential problem is brewing, Jendi can help diffuse situations with clear, transparent messages and communication strategies that allow you to get ahead of negative PR.