Alana Slocinski

Alana Slocinski

Communications Specialist

While I was growing up, my dad taught photography at the local high school and my mom worked in school finance. I understood from a very young age how highly my parents regarded education–a passion they passed on to me.

After graduating from Ukiah High School, I attended the University of California, Santa Barbara, where I studied communication and worked as a research assistant for the department director. After graduation, I launched into the job market just as the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted everything.

So, I shifted course and kept moving. Between 2020 and 2023, I experimented with several roles in quite different fields. I went from being a programming assistant at a film festival to the manager of a tennis club in New York to a high school math teacher. Each of these experiences provided me with new perspectives and skills that I am excited to bring to my new role as a communications specialist for Coursey Communications.

This position allows me to combine my love for communication with my enthusiasm for education rooted in my upbringing. It brings me immense pride–and hope for the future–to join a company whose work aligns with my values, where each day I can support educators and the education system.

Getting Personal

Can be found planning a trip to a new country 0 %

Likely to be crafting in her spare time 0 %

Wins trivia games if they pertain to either music or pop culture 0 %

Likely to cancel other plans so she can watch La La Land again 0 %

Could survive a weekend camping 0 %

Will bring home any animal up for adoption 0 %

Fun Facts

Get to Know the REAL Me

About Me

Experience Seeker

Alana loves to be challenged by new environments, whether it’s trying to get lost in a foreign country or agreeing to teach high school math for the rest of the semester with 48 hours’ notice.

Neighborhood Stroller

Whether it’s after work, a Saturday afternoon, or pretty much any time, you can find Alana walking around her neighborhood (usually with her dog).

Carb Lover

If you offer Alana a chocolate bar, she may not be interested, but offer her a piece of toast and some cereal and she’s yours for life.

Memory Meister

Need to recall a specific fact from days, weeks, or months ago? If Alana was there, she’ll remember. Her recall is stunning.

Creative Connector

Alana loves to connect concepts with visual representations. So, if you’re trying to figure out a fun social media post or just the right image on your website, she’s your person.

Question Asker

Alana’s curiosity has no bounds, and that’s a good thing! Whenever she starts to dig into a new project, her questions get all of us thinking about how to look at things differently. She leaves no stone unturned.