• Are We Examining Our Own Truths?

    The events of the past week have unsettled many Americans, including me. Never in my life did I expect to see people who consider themselves patriots storming the U.S. Capitol. It's perhaps the starkest example of how very divided we've become.
  • Use the Pandemic to Reset

    Even before the pandemic, life felt hectic for many of us, the unspoken rule being: the more we can do, the more we should do. Then the pandemic exploded into our daily lives, interrupting business as usual. For some, the pandemic has been personally and/or professionally devastating, and to them, I offer my deepest condolences.… Continue reading

  • Be Real. Connect to Emotion.

    I was recently evaluating competitor websites for a client. The client provides technology solutions for organizations that help people and safeguard our world–clothing the hungry, feeding the poor, supporting the natural environment.

    I went online at looked at tech websites and in short order, I felt my mind begin to numb from the onslaught… Continue reading

  • Crisis Communication for Schools

    COVID-19 has not only been a public health crisis. For many, it has been a public relations crisis. The pandemic has highlighted just how difficult it is to communicate effectively when we are thrust into unfamiliar roles and forced to use unfamiliar tools.

    When schools had to pivot on a dime in the spring of 2020,… Continue reading

  • Being Heard Amid the Covid-19 Noise

    Since the Covid-19 shelter-in-place orders went into effect, organizations have been forced to respond quickly to stress-inducing and constantly changing information. Some are succeeding brilliantly; others are failing miserably. Here are some tips to keep your audiences engaged and informed during this unusual time.
  • 2019 Impact Report

    In 2019, we continued to align our business practices with B Corp ideals, not only codifying the socially and environmentally responsible work we were doing in our company policies, but seeking additional ways to improve our organization.
  • What New Year’s Resolution

    In case this is helpful to others who are already falling off the resolution wagon, here are some tips I’ve gleaned from Patrik Edblad, author of The Habit Blueprint and The Self-Discipline Blueprint, to get things back on track.
  • Happy Holidays

    If you’d like to purchase a desk calendar featuring beautiful Mendocino County images for that special person on your list, send an email to