Consistency Builds Trust

Public relations is about building a relationship with your public, and relationships are built on trust. What builds trust? Consistency.

As you consider how to promote your product or service, think about what your work means to your clients. If you’re a banker, people want you to be extremely reliable. If you represent a fashion brand, they want you to be stylish. If you’re a graphic designer, they expect you to be creative. If you’re in the tech industry, embrace your inner nerd–the more tape on your glasses the better.

Ask yourself, how does my  product or service benefit my client? What do they want from me? What problem do I solve for them? Then look at your advertising and other promotional efforts–do they address your clients’ core needs?

We all have biases, and when someone behaves in an unexpected way, it can make us feel uncomfortable. That’s not to say you can’t bust out of your industry’s box–but be aware of the effect it may have on your business. When you think about your branding, be clear and consistent. Help your clients understand what they should expect from you, and then deliver it over and over.