Time for a Little Holiday Reflection

This holiday season, I’m throwing out a challenge: take a moment to reflect on the people who have positively influenced you this year and write a quick note to thank them. It can be an email or, if you’re old school, a hand-written card.

Your note doesn’t have to be long, but it should be specific and heartfelt. Here are some of the notes I plan to send:

To the graphic designer who turned my text into a beautiful book, thank you for teaching me the importance of reviewing the details over and over and over, and then over again. Thank you for encouraging me to clarify the copyright so the book’s integrity is safe for all time. Thank you for leading by example with compassion and patience the whole way through.

To the graphic designer and dear friend who always forces me to dig deep, whether I’m rebranding my company or crafting a persuasive bit of prose, you always ask EXACTLY the right questions to help me do my very best work. Thank you; I don’t know what I’d do without you.

To the business coach who never judges my faults, but rather supports me to grow by focusing on my strengths, I am so glad we’re working together again.

To my web developer and friend, thanks for showing me what it looks like to improve continually. Each time we meet, I find you’ve discovered yet another way to better express your creativity, build your business, or grow as a person. I see you do these things, and I think, “Hey, if Marc can do all that, maybe I can, too.”

There is something about receiving a written note that feels more thoughtful and permanent than a verbal compliment. If this feels like an intimidating task, why not simply start with the last three people who did something helpful? Don’t get hung up on saying something amazingly poignant. Just share what’s in your heart. I promise you’ll feel happier and so will those on the receiving end of your gratitude.

Happy Holidays!