Promoting Others Can Promote You

As you think about your marketing and promotion for the coming year, consider who else serves your clients. I’m not talking about your direct competitors, but rather organizations or individuals who provide a related or complementary product or service.

If you are aware of a something that you genuinely believe would benefit your clients, why not publicly promote it? Promoting someone else says to your clients, “I’m looking out for you.” And I guarantee the folks who provide the product or service you promote will see you favorably.

In my line of work, I help with clients on public relations and communication strategy. This often spills into related areas like marketing and advertising that require graphic design, photography, and web design. It helps my clients when I say, “I know a great graphic designer. Her name is Karen Adair, and she owns DG Creative. Or, “For commercial photography, I think Cat Vibert can really help you tell your story. And, “If you need a web design that is both functional and visually appealing, I always call Marc Carson.” (I really do recommend these three people. They are amazing at what they do.)

You can informally promote a related business, or you can team up and agree to a mutually beneficial cross promotion plan. Be aware that you’re putting your reputation on the line when you promote someone else’s stuff, so be discerning. But as long as you choose well, you can actually enhance your own reputation when you enhance someone else’s.

If you’d like to learn more about how to do this, let me know.