Kelseyville Unified School District Websites

Founded in 1921, Kelseyville Unified School District is the second-largest of seven districts located in Lake County, California. The District serves the town of Kelseyville which includes the Big Valley area, Soda Bay, the Buckingham peninsula, the Riviera and up to the crest of Cobb Mountain. The District is made up of six active school sites, a seventh additional alternative day school which was established in the spring of 2002, and a historical site affectionately referred to as Hells Bend.


By working with Jendi, I can focus on running the school district, while she shares information about all the programs and services we offer. Thanks to Jendi and Kendyl, we have a new website, a consistently updated Facebook page, a monthly education column, a quarterly parent newsletter, and timely press releases about important issues. It’s great!

– Dave McQueen, Superintendent



KVUSD's websites were not user-friendly. It was hard for parents, educators, students, and community members to navigate and find important information. The district and each school site had its own website and when information was updated on one website, it was not always updated on another. As is common in K-12 education, information is constantly changing, which made it difficult to keep websites current.


We coordinated with KVUSD's web host, IES Cyberschools, to redesign the district website and each school's website. We worked with DG Creative Branding to design branding for the district to make each school website feel connected to district as a whole. We restructured the content so people could find the information they were looking for, while keeping the sites compliant with regulatory requirements. Once the websites were launched, we hosted a training session with KVUSD on website best practices and have continued to help KVUSD keep the website up-to-date.


The district and each school site now have stunning websites that are branded appropriately and are easy to navigate. Content is updated on a daily basis to ensure it stays current and we recently added a mobile app, so parents can access online information even more easily.