Impact Reports

We’re your impact report accountability partner!

In addition to the services provided under the “What We Do” menu, we love to help B Corps and other mission-driven organizations get the most out of their annual impact reports.

Annual impact reports are a great way to showcase your commitment to your corporate values and inspire others to make their businesses a force for good. Sometimes, however, annual reports become more of a box-checking activity, one more to-do in a long list of to-dos.

We’re here to help you use your impact reports to their greatest advantage. We work with Certified B Corps (and other good-for-the-world organizations who do annual reports) via quarterly check-ins, so that by the time the report is due, it’s done! And not only done, but chock full of poignant (or funny or whatever matches your vibe) stories, beautiful photographs, and easy-to-understand infographics so all of your audiences are moved to join the cause, become loyal customers, recruit fellow mission-aligned employees, and more. Whether you need help building up your report or distilling it down, we can help.

How does all this happen? Initially, our coach/strategist works with your executive team to review your corporate goals and make a plan. Then our writers, photographers, and designers get to work making it come to life. Each quarter, we check in and compare progress against your goals, and a couple of us come onsite to collect the latest stories and capture photos.

Your final report can be produced online, in print, or both. Here are a couple of examples of reports we’ve supported in the past.

North Coast Brewing
Heather Paulsen Consulting
First 5 Mendocino