Mendocino County Office of Education Public Relations

The Mendocino County Office of Education (MCOE) is responsible for regulatory oversight and structural support for schools in Mendocino County. As California State educational priorities shift, along with the funding to support them, MCOE must continually adjust its services–and the expectations of its stakeholders. Even within the confines of a highly regulated environment, MCOE seeks to encourage creativity and innovation. Even with the region’s rural and remote geography, MCOE seeks to promote collaboration. Even with the high poverty rates, MCOE seeks to promote academic excellence.

The Mendocino County Office of Education provides educational leadership, resources, and services to schools to ensure an array of educational opportunities for all students through collaborative efforts with its communities and agencies. It serves 12 school districts, 13,000 students, 750 educators, and a county with a population of 88,000.


I appreciate how Jendi has really taken the time to understand our agency, allowing her to provide the best possible communication services. Because of Jendi, MCOE has established relationships with various media outlets and other local organizations that enable us to share the wonderful work we do for students in Mendocino County.

– Becky Jeffries, Assistant Superintendent



Members of the public, and even many people in education, had no idea what county offices of education do. Until we began working together, MCOE was only mentioned in the media if a problem arose. Our job was to change that. MCOE required a full-service agency with a core competency in K-12 education to help define its brand; then to create and implement a communication plan tied to ongoing strategic initiatives.


We worked with MCOE to: -Identify and assess MCOE's various audiences, both internal and external -Update MCOE branding with our partner, DG Creative Branding -Create a website that is easy to navigate, easy to update, and compliant with ADA requirements -Develop clear messaging to help all audiences understand MCOE's purpose -Publish a monthly blog -Publish regular press releases -Create communication strategies to better serve local school districts -Address signage on the MCOE campus to help visitors find their way (in progress)


MCOE has improved relationships with the schools it serves; and thanks to regular public communication, members of the public better understand MCOE's role in the community.