Keith Faulder for Judge

Keith Faulder had been an attorney for 23 years in public law and private practice. He was appointed by the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors as the interim district attorney after the passing of elected DA Norm Vroman. Keith served in the District Attorney’s Office as assistant district attorney and chief trial deputy. He was a public defender and judge pro tem before then, and was in private practice for nine years in criminal defense, juvenile law and property law, civil and family law before deciding to run for judge in Mendocino County.


Keith Faulder for Judge



Keith Faulder was a gifted lawyer who was highly qualified to become a superior court judge, but he had no experience running an election campaign. To make matters worse, his challenger had a well organized campaign that was in full swing by the time Keith asked for our help.


Keith was well respected in the legal community and popular in the community at large, but he needed to let everyone know why they should vote for him for judge. We developed talking points and developed compelling advertisements and mailers. We worked in partnership with a political strategist to do robocalls and make sure we complied with the voluminous regulatory requirements associated with elections. We connected Keith with influential individuals and audiences, had him attend every charitable event we could find, and sent him door-knocking in neighborhoods across the county. Finally, we had popular public figures endorse him and campaign for him.


Keith won the election and was installed as a superior court judge in January 2017.