Administrative Assistant

Part-time and full-time available.

Here’s the deal: we’re having fun doing great work and we want to keep this going. We know we are lucky to have such a great vibe, so as we look for another team member, we’re going to be super picky. We’ll hire based on skill and work ethic, of course, but also on life purpose and ethos, self-awareness, and possibly most important, sense of humor.

Coursey Communications is a full-service communications agency where we help good-for-the-world clients share their awesomeness with their audiences. We focus primarily on education and healthcare clients, but we also support a few public agencies, non-profits, and the occasional for-profit business (especially fellow Certified B Corps).

We often start by helping clients clarify their goals and aligning their communication processes so everyone in the organization is on the same page. We help clients establish (or update) their branding and identify who they want to connect with. Then, we’re off to the races, developing messages that work like siren calls to attract the folks they want to connect with. If clients need their website spruced up, we do it. If they need a stronger social media presence, we teach them how to create one. We like to help clients build the capacity to become self-sufficient rock-star publicists without us, but we’re also happy to help folks on an ongoing basis.

If you’re nodding along, wondering how you can get in on this goodness, let’s talk about how you could fit in.

We need someone to keep things organized! The administrative assistant reports to the CEO and would be responsible for coordinating everything from client scheduling to picking up office supplies. This person should be friendly and flexible, but also be in their happy place when implementing structures that maximize efficiency.

We are based in Ukiah, California, and while we could eventually be open to a hybrid work situation between home and the office, we want someone who can join us in person to start. We have four employees, so yes, we’re small. This means each person’s efforts are crucial to our company’s success.

If you’re thinking, “Oooh, this sounds awesome!” keep reading for more details.


  • Able to provide a wide range of administrative and clerical support tasks in a busy office
  • Able to work independently with little supervision
  • Self-starter who can learn new computer software through online tutorials
  • Able to become proficient using the following software programs:
    • Google Suite (Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Gmail, Chrome Web Browser)
    • Microsoft Office (Word & Excel)
    • Canva
    • Adobe Acrobat & Lightroom
    • Notion Database Mgt
    • Click-up Project Mgt
    • Toggl Time Tracker
    • Basic editing and data entry for WordPress, SquareSpace, and other template-based websites

Social Responsibility

As a member of the JCC team, employee will participate in and otherwise support charitable projects on company time as determined by team vote.


  • Maintains CEO’s calendar, including scheduling appointments and bookings with clients, vendors, and others.
  • Supports CEO and other team members with clerical/administrative duties.
  • Monitors and maintains office supplies inventory (e.g. paper, cleaning supplies, bathroom supplies, etc.)
  • Organizes office operations and procedures; ensures paper and electronic filing systems are maintained and current
  • Tracks organizational charity and donations
  • Oversees recycling, waste reduction, and environmental purchasing practices
  • Provides general support to visitors
  • Collects and organizes data and information; online research
  • Organizes activities related to client projects
  • Participates in project planning and implementation
  • Completes data entry
  • Creates social media posts, usually using Canva
  • Disseminates information, including press releases
  • Serves as photographer’s assistant, including carrying extra supplies
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Someone who is ethical, hard-working, and dedicated to high-quality results
  • Positive, can-do outlook
  • Someone who assumes best intent about colleagues and clients
  • Someone who questions the status quo and continually tries to improve systems (growth mindset)
  • Attention to detail

Job Requirements

  • Two years’ experience as an administrative assistant
  • High school diploma
  • Positive personal references
  • Ability to drive (to run errands)
  • Ability to work on a computer
  • Ability to lift 20 pounds

Pay and Benefits

For full-time employees, we offer medical and dental insurance, 10 days of PTO, and 7 paid holidays. Pay is dependent on experience.

A note about inclusion…we hire based on an applicant’s qualifications, work ethic, and values alignment. The idea of discriminating based on what you look like, where you’re from, or who you love seems like a surefire way to miss out on great employees. Plus, we know we make better decisions when we consider things from multiple perspectives, so we’re always looking for people who can provide alternative viewpoints.

If you’re interested, please complete this application and we’ll take it from there.