Brian Klonoski

Communications Strategist

I’m an editorial leader, digital publishing expert, and hands-on storyteller who can write, edit, shoot, and creatively direct across surfaces. At the same time, I am deeply analytical and passionate about strategy. I love using these two disparate sides of my brain to make beautiful things that people connect with emotionally.

Before partnering with Coursey Communications, I spent my career at the intersection of content and social good. That includes stints leading editorial at a socially conscious news startup, running strategy at an environmental media company, and directing brand marketing at a leading, values-based grocery delivery service in California. 

My unwavering belief as a marketer is that storytelling creates an emotional connection with your audience or customers that drives true loyalty — even love — at a bang for your buck that’s tough to beat.

Getting Personal

Likelihood my dog will be with me 0 %

Free time spent outside 0 %

Chances I'll leave California 0 %

Food in my fridge that' local 0 %

Possibility I'm carrying a book 0 %

Days successfully started without an yerba mate 0 %

Fun Facts

Get to Know the REAL Me

About Me

Nature Lover

Walking with his dog, hiking, backpacking, camping, foraging mushrooms, shooting landscape photography, gardening, even a feeble attempt to play a little golf — if you want to find Brian outside of work hours, outside is where you’ll have to go.

Left and Right Brained

Brian didn’t start out as a creative — he almost majored in economics — but ended up getting hooked on storytelling after reading some particularly awesome books, like A River Runs Through It. He’s found the ability to be simultaneously analytical and creative invaluable as a marketing professional.

Lives to Eat Local

Mendocino County and the North Coast offer an incredible bounty of produce, seafood, meat, wild edibles, beer, wine, and cheese. Brian appreciates the chance to eat these delicious foods, produced with passion by hardworking locals, whenever he can.


There are many ways to spin a good tale. Whether it’s with words, photos, or editorial and creative direction, Brian brings stories to life and life to stories — all while making sure to hit your strategic objectives.

Always Learning

A little passion and hard work can go a long way. Brian taught himself to shoot photography, tie fishing flies, work on his old Jeep, build websites, and grow fruits and vegetables, just to name a few of his proudest self-taught talents.

Gunther's Best Bud

Since meeting Gunther as an 8-week old pup — the runt of the litter who was still unadopted — Brian has been inseparable from his dog. They’ve road tripped from California to Maine and back, traveled and camped throughout the Golden State, and hiked hundreds of miles together, including up to 12,000 feet in the High Sierra.