Growing up as an Air Force brat, I moved every few years and each time I did, I had to figure out how to get along in a new environment with new people and new social rules. As a means of survival, I got very good at reading people–paying attention to non-verbal cues and learning how to get along with many different types of people. I lived everywhere from small villages in England to small towns in Kansas to the hustle and bustle of the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve been fascinated with the art and science of communication as long as I can remember.


After graduating with honors from UC Davis in the early 1990s, I worked for a digital communications firm (T1 lines were the newest, coolest things) and then a treasury management software company, SymPro, where I served as the Client Services Director. I provided and then directed all aspects of technical support and training, including presenting technical training seminars and onsite classes. It was incredibly fun.


When my husband and I decided it was time to start a family, we moved to Ukiah, California–his home town. I worked as the communications person for our local hospital, Ukiah Valley Medical Center, until I had our first son, and then I spent five glorious years staying home with Grant, and 18 months later, his little brother, Sean.

After that, it was time to go back to work. I returned to Ukiah Valley Medical Center and worked as their medical staff director, and then as their administrative director of marketing and communication for several years. After a brief stint at Mendocino Community Health Clinic, decided to branch out on my own. In 2011, I began Indigo Studios, where I blended photography and marketing: my two favorite professional endeavors. I began helping clients with their public relations, marketing, and internal communications. In 2017, I rebranded as Jendi Coursey Communications.

KENDYL SAXBY - Project Manager

Everyone has those moments when they know their lives will be changing forever. One of those moments for me was the day I met Jendi. I think we both knew right away that we were destined to do great things together. It is like we are two sides of the same coin. Jendi fits the exact definition of an extrovert. Don’t believe me, look it up extrovert in the dictionary and next to it you will see a photo of Jendi. Now, look up the definition of introvert and there will be me, shyly trying to hide from the camera. Our differences make us a really strong team, but let’s start at the beginning.

As a little kid, anytime anyone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, saying I could pick anything, I would gleefully tell them I wanted to be a dog. I quickly learned that when people say you could be anything, they didn’t really mean anything. After that hard life lesson set in, I lost direction. No single thing made me sparkle with delight.

Of course, I had things I loved doing, but nothing I thought I could make a career out of. I mean I loved doing puzzles. If I started one, you wouldn’t see me leave the table until all the pieces were in their proper places. I loved reading and usually wouldn’t put a book down until I finished the whole thing. Sleep could wait. I loved binge-watching TV shows, going through an entire series in a weekend. But it’s hard to get paid for being obsessive.

I also love things to be organized. Be careful if you hand me your cell phone because I will return it to you with everything in specific folders. I check my email a dozen times a day, mostly because I have to make sure as soon as an email comes in that it is labeled and put in the correct folder. There is little that makes me feel more excited than finding the perfect place for everything.

As a kid, I was always the quiet one sitting back and observing. I would pray the floor would swallow me up if the attention was ever directly on me. However, I was also the one who anyone would go to if they had a problem and needed help, because they knew I would actually listen to their problem and I would, without a doubt, take care of it. In fact, if I were limited to describe myself in one word it would probably be dependable. If I say I am going to get stuff done, it gets done. Probably goes back to the whole obsessive thing.

The only thing I ever really got into trouble for growing up was asking, “Why?” The go-to parental answer of “because I said so” never satisfied me. It wasn’t that I wanted to be defiant or that I was questioning my parent’s authority. It was more that my obsessive brain couldn’t rest until I understood why something was supposed to be done a certain way or why it was important to my parents that it be done their way. I think the question “Why?” is the most important question you can ask in any situation. It is the only question that can give you a real understanding of whatever it is you are trying to learn about.

Obsessive, organized, dependable, and inquisitive. That sounds so boring! It wasn’t until I met Jendi that I realized it wasn’t boring. It was just different. I prefer to stay behind the scenes and support. Jendi loves to charge forward and lead. I had finally met the Han Solo to my Chewbacca. When I first started working at Jendi Coursey Communications, I was finishing up my Bachelor’s degree in Sociology at Sonoma State University. As soon as I graduated, I started full-time as Jendi’s project manager. I had finally found the job that fit me perfectly. Plus, I couldn’t ask for a better boss.

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