Claire Mesesan

Communication Strategist

I joined Jendi’s team in early 2021 with more than five years of experience creating mission-driven, data-informed content across platforms. I am a seasoned project manager with a proven track record managing website and branding redesigns, video production, and implementing, evaluating, and reporting on impact strategy, including B Corp recertification. I am well-versed in public relations and stakeholder relations through my experience serving as Communications Director at Iroquois Valley Farmland REIT before transitioning into the role of VP, Farmer Relations thanks to my love of process and stakeholder engagement.

I was born and raised in southern California where I learned to love the land and the outdoors. I traded in the mild weather and mountains to attend Loyola University Chicago where I studied philosophy and French and learned to love prairies, great lakes, and even winter. I lived in Chicago for eight years before returning to southern California. I am grateful for the experience and perspective of living in such different landscapes and climates. I am an avid gardener who enjoys growing food, flowers, and more recently began learning about and cultivating California native plants, which are essential to our ecosystem’s ability to thrive. I enjoy hiking, backpacking, camping, and bringing my film camera along to capture memories.

Getting Personal

Ambivert 0 %

Forgets to drink tea while it's hot 0 %

Morning Person 0 %

Heirloom bean and grain enthusiast 0 %

Likely to misspell your name 0 %

Thinks a long walk (or swim) is a guaranteed mood changer 0 %

Fun Facts

Get to Know the REAL Me

About Me

Information Sifter

As a philosophy major, Claire spent a great deal of time reading and writing about complex topics. Her experience sifting through these kinds of materials, determining if the premises were sound, and explaining them clearly allowed her to take big ideas and distill them quickly into actionable steps. She prides herself on being able to see details and broad strokes simultaneously.

Problem Solver

Claire’s first job was as a camp counselor in the Angeles National Forest. She learned that challenges like disagreements and rattlesnakes can appear very quickly. This honed her ability to assess a situation and problem-solve on her feet.

Data Visualizer

Claire loves using charts, graphics, and imagery to tell stories. Making good-looking charts gives her a lot of satisfaction.

Plant Lover

Some may say plant-obsessed, but Claire loves growing things indoors and outdoors. She’s had many of her houseplants since 2015 and has even moved across the country with them.

Cookbook Reader

Although she loves many genres, there’s something really relaxing about reading a cookbook. Claire particularly enjoys reading and making food from Edna Lewis’ In Pursuit of Flavor, Darra Goldstein’s Beyond The North Wind: Russia in Recipes & Lore, and A Painter’s Kitchen, a collection of Georgia O’Keeffe’s recipes by her cook, Margaret Wood.

Jack Of All Trades

Claire enjoys learning about and working within many areas of an organization. She loves the nitty-gritty and understanding how different pieces fit to make a whole. Her experience holding a variety of roles imbues her with versatility and makes her feel at home when talking to all kinds of folks in all kinds of fields.