Aastin McCallum

Content Creator

As a content creator, I create and write press releases, blog posts, articles, eBooks, and social media posts, as well as conduct research to identify information pertinent to the subject at hand. I also create content for websites and develop marketing copy to promote both our own services and those of our clients.

Before joining Jendi Coursey Communications, I worked for the San Diego-based marketing team of a financial advisory firm. I soon found myself yearning to work for a company that cared about their community and was thrilled to land a job with a local certified B-Corp.

When I’m not at work you can find me relaxing at home listening to music or watching sports!

Getting Personal

Chances of sleeping in all day, given the chance 0 %

Eating cereal at night over eating it in the morning 0 %

Chances of choosing orange juice over any other drink 0 %

Ambivert 0 %

Chances of wearing a shirt that isn't navy blue to work 0 %

Likelihood to crack a joke at work 0 %

Fun Facts

Get to Know the REAL Me

About Me

Beat Maker/Music Lover

At an early age, it was clear that music would play a huge part in Aastin’s life. He pursued this interest by attending a recording arts school and graduating with a Bachelors in Sound Arts. He continues to enjoy listening to new music and making his own hip hop beats in his spare time.

Sports Fanatic

When Aastin isn’t listening to music, he often finds himself obsessing over Bay Area sports teams. Watching game after game of the 49ers, Golden State Warriors and SF Giants brings Aastin a ton of joy. Not only does he enjoy watching sports, every once in a while, he even goes down to the local ballpark to practice his jump shot.

Lake Mendocino Enthusiast

Who doesn’t enjoy dipping into a lake on a hot summer day? Add a boat to the equation and Aastin will be in heaven. In the summertime, you can find him cruising through beautiful Lake Mendocino on his family’s stars and stripes wakeboarding boat.


There’s nothing more powerful than taking in a deep breath surrounded by Northern California nature. Growing up off-grid in Mendocino County, Aastin feels most comfortable hiking through beautiful landmarks like Mendocino National Forest.

Off-grid Living Appreciator

Aastin appreciates off-grid, country lifestyles. As a child, Aastin moved from town to town in Mendocino County before moving in with his grandparents on their 60-acre ranch, 15 miles outside of Ukiah, CA. This is where Aastin developed a deep appreciation for Northern California wildlife and the dedication it takes to live out in the country.

Companion of Nelly the Dog

Aastin’s dog, Nelly, holds a special place in his heart. On sunny days, Aastin enjoys playing fetch for hours with his tennis-ball-obsessed border collie. Watching her long, quick, agile strides toward the ball is a sight to behold.